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Cases to Protect Your Wacom Graphics Tablet

Wacom Case for Intuos4/Intuos5/Intuos Pro Tablets

Wacom Case for Intuos4/Intuos5/Intuos Pro Tablets

Whether you are traveling abroad or commuting to school and work, there might be times when it’s necessary to bring your graphics tablet with you. For those situations, it’s important to protect your investment from being damaged by weather, dirt and scratches.

The advantage of a genuine Wacom carrying case is that it has been designed to offer the perfect fit for a small, medium or large Intuos4, Intuos5 or Intuos Pro tablet. These lightweight, padded cases are made of durable nylon on the outside and lined with a soft material inside. They have sturdy zippers to keep contents secure, with a small pen loop and separate pockets for accessories such as a USB cable.

Designer Sleeves to Protect Any Tablet

Aside from product-specific cases, most laptop sleeves can accommodate a graphics tablet and offer protection from damage. With a wide selection of colorful styles and eye-catching patterns, the most important thing is to make sure that the interior dimensions will fit your tablet. Many popular designs come in several sizes so it’s possible to have coordinating cases for your laptop, tablet and other devices. Take a look at some of our favorites:

Designer Sleeve - PeaceDesigner Sleeve - Light BlueDesigner Sleeve - Spring Flowers
Designer Sleeve - PatienceDesigner Sleeve - Starry NightDesigner Sleeve - Vintage Fleur
Designer Sleeve - BohemianDesigner Sleeve - Autumn TreeDesigner Sleeve - Dark Blue


That’s a Wrap!

Domke Color Wraps

For sheer versatility, it’s hard to beat these colorful protective wraps from Domke. The inside is made of a soft scratch-free lining with a center layer of padding for stable cushioned protection. Similar to a SkoobaWrap, there are hook-and-loop closures on each of the four corners, which make it possible to create your own sleeve for any size graphics tablet. Simply lay the tablet in the center of the wrap, fold the corners over and you’re ready to go. For quick access, just unfasten one of the corners and slide the tablet out, forming a perfectly-fitting custom case.

Since they’re so convenient, we like to keep several on hand to protect practically any fragile device – tablet, netbook, cell phone, camera, camera lens, even sunglasses. Plus, using different colors makes it easier to tell what’s inside when we have several similarly shaped objects, such as multiple camera lenses, in the same bag.

be.ez LArobe

LArobe Sleeve for Intuos and Bamboo Tablets

Other Case Options

Several other manufacturers make products to fit drawing tablets. The sleek, zippered sleeve from be.ez, pictured here, is well-constructed and padded with memory foam material for extra cushioning. There are several different versions that are specifically designed to fit various sizes of Intuos and Bamboo drawing tablets. A handy pen loop keeps your stylus nicely in place and some models have a small pocket to hold replacement nibs. The sleeve fits snugly, adding minimal weight and bulk, so it’s perfect to slip into a backpack or messenger bag when you’re on the go.

Another Excellent Case…

If you need to carry several devices at once, the Cocoon Innovations Kips Bay case is an excellent all-in-one choice. Made of shock-absorbent and non-slip neoprene, it has separate compartments that are fitted with modular storage units. Sturdy elastic bands hold all gadgets and accessories in securely, keeping everything neat, organized and easily accessible.

Cocoon Innovations Kips Bay MacBook Case, Red

Cocoon Innovations Kips Bay Case for MacBook

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